Nov 21, 2014
MARATHONERS’ messenger
Installation where the text showing your enthusiasm for the marathon turns into an avator

This experiential was made for the Asics stall at the Kobe Marathon Expo, where participants of the marathon were invited to write down their aspirations for the race. Generated by scanning the written content, the runner’s virtual avatar, which can be customized in terms of speed and stamina, is used to compete with other avatars online in a virtual race.

The Asics stall was well received and spinoffs for the Tokyo, Nara, and Kumamoto Marathons were created as a result.

Hidekazu Higashi (DENTSU TEC INC.)
Director / Designer / Composer
Yoshimi Kano (coconoe inc.)
Mao Futamura (coconoe inc.)
Ryuki Nagahora (BASSDRUM inc.)
Installation Programmer
Junya Yamada (coconoe inc.)
Markup Engineer
Masahiko Okazaki (coconoe inc.)
Reiko Igo (coconoe inc.)