May 22, 2015
Kao TV
Educational TV show in which you can create a "face" that sings

In an effort to communicate the possibilities of next-generation TV to young children, we partnered with NHK to produce the experimental TV show “Kao TV”.

Kao TV is the world’s first participatory children’s TV program in which kids are in charged with creating the story’s main character. Through the use of Hybridcast technology, viewers can create faces (“kao” in Japanese) that appear on television.

By installing the Kao TV App (Hybridcast Companion App) to their smartphones, users are able to form unique cartoon faces by selecting an array of face parts like the eyes, nose, and mouth. When a face is completed, it will appear on the television screen—entertaining viewers by talking and singing throughout the show.

Kao TV was nominated for the International Emmy Awards and became a popular example for interactive TV shows in and out of Japan.

Creative Director
Technical Supervisor
Data Broadcasting Engineer
Takeshi Yamada (NHK)
Hybridcast Engineer
Rie Sawai (NHK)
Chief Producer
Kyoko Kuramori (NHK educational)
Yutaka Fukuyama (NHK educational)
Technical Producer
Ken-ichiro Tanaka (Bascule)
Interactive Director / Title Animation
Chiho Araki (Bascule)
Art Director
Miyako Ueki (Bascule)
Hybridcast Animation
Seiya Takeda (Bascule)
Frontend Engineer
Yuya Urita (Bascule)
Character Animation
Tomoko Wada (Bascule)
Web Director
Seiji Shiota (Bascule)
Mariko Nishimura (HEART CATCH)
Sound Producer
Takuya Takahashi (Oyster)
CGI Producer
Keiichi Okuda (Eleven Graphics)
Director of Photography
Satoshi Oda