Nov 09, 2022
Don’t Drink Me
Taiwanese Drink Themed Bath Bomb

Whatever Taipei created “Don’t Drink Me,” a series of Taiwanese beverage-themed bath bombs that unleash a unique and playful bubble bath with flavors and colors representing the iconic bubble tea, mango smoothie, and taro milk.

To make our bath bomb look and feel exactly like real bubble tea, we have gone through numerous iterations to achieve the best shape, size, color, and pattern. We also carefully crafted the soothing smell and the vivid gradient color when it dissolves into the water. Moreover, we used all-natural ingredients and worked with local vendors during the manufacturing process. We hope people can use Don’t Drink Me to run the bath and indulge themselves in the most immersive Taiwanese experience ever. Just remember: Don’t drink it.

▶Store: TSUTAYA 南港(Taiwan)
▶ Online:

Creative Director
Jun Chen