Apr 02, 2020
Virtual backgrounds that allow you to express your feelings in video conferencing

Just like using emojis in chat, We created a background image that allows you to express your feelings in a richer way when using a video conferencing app like Zoom. Let’s have more fun communicating your feelings that are a little harder to convey than usual!

Please download your favorite Zoomoji image for free from the link below. We’ve prepared two series, the Emoji series and the Manga Expression series. Just open the Zoom settings, upload the Zoomoji image you want to use into the “virtual background”, and switch it around any time during your video conference.

Download the images here.

*Please refer to the official Zoom website for the required operating environment.
*You can also use it on any meeting tools other than Zoom, as long as it allows you to change the background images
*The Emoji Pack and Emoji Animation Pack were created by modifying “Twemoji” (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

Creative Director
Associate Designer