Dec 15, 2021
Branding for NFT digital media protocol that updates "digital content ownership"

We created the name and logo for a new NFT digital media protocol called “VWBL (Viewable),” which allows only those who own an NFT to view associated digital content.

The proliferation of NFT art has created a new way for digital artists to monetize their work by having people purchase NFTs associated with digital content. Collectors can now have a collection of digital content as NFT arts. However, the concept of ownership of NFT art is obscure, as anyone can view it. VWBL updates the idea of digital content ownership by making the content viewable only by NFT owners and not by anyone else.

Based on this concept, we first developed the name “VWBL,” the abbreviation of “viewable,” to underscore the positive aspect that the one who purchases the art has the exclusive ability to view it. Rather than the negative notion of rendering others not to view it. As for the logo design, to quickly and universally convey the protocol’s core concept of “viewable/unviewable” status, we chose the motif of a closed eye and an open eye, combined with the “infinity” sign and expressed simply and boldly.

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Creative Director