Jul 20, 2019
ICC Kids Program 2019 “Sensing Invisible Skateboard”
Exhibition contents of the "ICC Kids Program 2019: Sports Laboratory"

2019 ICC Kids program’s exhibition “See, Enjoy, Think- Sports Research Institute”, “Tennis Experienced in Dark”, along with the creation and exhibition of the new “The Sense of Existence of Invisible Skateboard”.

“The Sense of Existence of Invisible Skateboard” is to resemble the texture born from the fusion of lamps and the trick made via the wheels of skateboard in a space only with lamps. Through speakers and the vibrator under the lamps, it reveals a texture not visible in the projection, which is the slides inside the lamps indeed. It brings an experience of watching skateboarders sliding in real.


Creative Director
Engineer / Haptic Designer
Reiji Sasaki (Officially AJSA approvedPro Skater )