Creative Technologist / Artist (Co-creator)
Minori Nagashima

Minori Nagashima graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and completed her postgraduate studies at Keio University. She joined TeamLab, accumulating extensive experience directing numerous art and sound projects, and became independent. As a music composer and arranger, she creates music for theater productions, fashion shows, and film projects while participating as a keyboardist and arranger for bands, including Ziyoou-vachi (QUEEN BEE). She also works as an art director and exhibition director, overseeing the creation of large-scale works utilizing original music and sound design she created. Drawing from diverse experiences across various genres and roles, she excels in creating comprehensive works that combine an artist’s sensibilities with a director’s perspective.

About “Co-creator”:
Co-creator is a new way of working which allows one to be an employee of the company while keeping his/her professional activities (as a freelancer or an artist) outside.
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