Apr 21, 2023
Special theater screening “HIDARI” (pilot version)

Masashi Kawamura’s first full-length feature film, the stop-motion Samurai film ‘HIDARI’ The pilot version will be screened in theaters, which is unusual for a pilot version.
Schedule:April 21st (Fri) – 27th (Thu)
Theater:Shinjuku Wald 9/T-Joy Umeda

And that’s not all! This will be a luxurious triple feature with the representative works of the HIDARI team dwarf studios and tecarat studio, ‘Komaneko Hajime no Ippo’ and ‘Gon, The Little Fox,’ respectively. Moreover, to commemorate the release, a talk event featuring the directors of ‘ Belle ‘ (2021), Mamoru Hosoda, and ‘Shin Ultraman’ (2022), Shinji Higuchi, will be held in conjunction with the screening.

The first arrivals will receive a limited HIDARI postcard as a gif.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the world of HIDARI on the big screen.We’re waiting for you at the theater.

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