Oct 08, 2020
Masashi will appear in the online event “U24 CO-CHALLENGE FES”

Masashi Kawamura will be participating in Sony’s online talk event “U24 CO-CHALLENGE FES.

He will talk about how people creating multiple “selves” and naturally shaping themselves according to their respective communities, and the impact of that communication with freelance makeup artist and YouTuber Eito Miyanaga, Creative Derector Asako Tsuji and Sony’s Asako Tomura.

The program is free to watch, and we hope you enjoy it!

Date: October 23rd (Fri.), 20:30-21:15(JST)
URL: https://www.sony.co.jp/brand/campaign/co-challenge/
Navigator: Kosaka Daimao(Comedian/Producer)
Moderator Jyuri Fukuhara(PartnerStudio Editor for HuffPost Japan)