Project Manager (Co-creator)
Nanami Suto

Born in 1998, she graduated from the Creative Media R&D Seminar at the School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University, in 2020. She started as a freelance editor as a university student, managing web media for Magazine House Inc. and assisting the BizDev division at Smart News Inc. She joined the Whole Universe Association in 2020 as a contributor, wrote articles for the web magazine “boundbaw,” and participated in the production of the “END-TEN.” Since then, she has been editing and writing for various media with a cross-disciplinary approach that connects art, people, and society. She joined Whatever in 2023 as a Co-Creator and started managing projects and creators. She loves the exciting culture both in Japan and abroad and now passionately promoting Thai entertainment.

About “Co-creator”:
所謂的Co-creator 是結合個人接案(freelance或藝術家)及正職人員的兩大工作形態的制度。詳細資訊請參閱此相關報導